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DockerFile to create an Apache Kerby KDC server

This directory contains a Docker File to create an Apache Kerby KDC server.

  • Build with: docker build . -t coheigea/kerby
  • Run with: docker run -it -p 4000:88 -v `pwd`/kerby-data:/kerby-data coheigea/kerby

Here we are mapping the kerby-data directory contained in this repository to a volume /kerby-data in the container. This directory stores the configuration files for Kerby, as well as the admin keytab, and the JSON backend file that stores the principals.

Once the container is running, you'll need to connect to the container to create some principals for testing, or to update the domain:

  • docker exec -it <id> bash
  • stty rows 24 columns 80 (required to run jline in docker)
  • sh bin/kadmin.sh /kerby-data/conf/ -k /kerby-data/keytabs/admin.keytab
  • Then: addprinc -pw password alice@EXAMPLE.COM

To test the KDC you can use the MIT kinit tool. Set the KRB5_CONFIG environment variable to point to the "krb5.conf" file included in this repository, e.g:

  • export KRB5_CONFIG=`pwd`/krb5.conf
  • kinit alice

This will get you a ticket for "alice", that can be inspected via "klist".

This DockerFile is provided as a quick and easy way to play around with the Apache Kerby KDC. It is not intended to be used in production.