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Welcome to the Oracle Coherence Spring Project

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The Coherence Spring project provides bootstrapping support of Oracle Coherence for Spring Framework and Spring Boot. Coherence Spring also provides a set of components to aid in the integration of Oracle Coherence and various other projects of the Spring ecosystem:

  • Spring Data

  • Spring’s Cache Abstraction

  • Spring Boot Config API + Spring Cloud Config Server

  • Spring Session


Detailed project documentation is available on the Coherence Spring website. This includes the reference documentation in various formats (Multi-page/Single-page HTML, PDF), as well as extensive JavaDoc for the Coherence Spring source code.



Multi-page HTML

Single-page HTML


API Doc.



Multi-page HTML

Single-page HTML


API Doc.



Multi-page HTML

Single-page HTML


API Doc.

The Apache Maven-based snapshots and releases for this project are published to Maven Central.

Quick Start

In order to get started quickly, please read the reference guide as it provides a detailed Quickstart chapter.

Through the reference documentation we will also refer to various demo and sample applications. Those are part of this repository, and you can find those in the samples module.

Building from Source


In order to build Coherence Spring, you need to have installed:

Check out sources

Check out the project using Git:

git clone
cd coherence-spring

Coherence Spring uses Apache Maven as build tool. You do not need to have Maven installed to build the project. Simply use the provided Maven Wrapper, e.g.:

  • Windows: mvnw.cmd clean package

  • Linux/Mac: ./mvnw clean package

Build the entire project

Build the entire project using Maven:

./mvnw clean package -Pspring

Offline Builds

In case you are offline and you run into issues building the project, e.g. the Coherence cluster as part of JUnit tests does not start up successfully, then you may have to provide additional command line arguments:

./mvnw clean package -Pspring -DargLine="-Dcoherence.localhost="

Build the Documentation

./mvnw clean package -pl coherence-spring-docs -Pspring

Build the project website

./mvnw clean install -pl coherence-spring-site -Pspring

Deploy the project website

./mvnw deploy -pl coherence-spring-site -Pspring

Getting Support

In case you have questions or if you run into issue using the Coherence Spring project, please feel free to reach out to us either via:

Both support channels are monitored by the project community.


We would love to review your Pull requests. Please see the contributor guidelines for details.


Coherence Spring is Open Source software released under The Universal Permissive License (UPL), Version 1.0.