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PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows
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PDF Command Line Tools binaries for Linux, Mac, Windows.

For non-commercial use only. See the file LICENSE for details. For commercial use, a license must be purchased from

It prints a little message to stderr about the non-commercial license, and sets the Producer to cpdf.


  • Quality Split and Merge, keeping bookmarks. Extract pages. Split on Bookmarks.
  • Encrypt and Decrypt (including AES 128 and AES 256 encryption)
  • Scale, rotate, crop and flip pages. Scale pages to fit
  • Copy, Remove and Add bookmarks
  • Stamp logos, watermarks, page numbers and multiline text. Transparency.
  • Supports Unicode UTF8 text input and output
  • Make PDF-based presentations
  • Put multiple pages on a single page
  • Add, remove and manipulate annotations
  • Read and set document information and metadata
  • Add and remove file attachments to document or page.
  • Thicken hairlines, blacken text, make draft documents
  • Reconstruct malformed files
  • Detect missing fonts, low resolution images
  • Combine multiple operations in a single command


PDF Manual:



To Install

The program cpdf (or cpdf.exe for Windows) is a single executable with no dependencies. Copy it to somewhere suitable on your platform.


Raise an issue in this github repository, or email

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