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  1. et-ddf Public archive

    A library of python and ROS code for event-triggered decentralized data fusion (ET-DDF) algorithms

    Python 5 2

  2. Robotic cops & robbers project for dynamic target-tracking on the iRobot Create platform

    Jupyter Notebook 3 3

  3. All required files for creating new jackal robot

    C++ 3 1

  4. Simulations of different search strategies. Starting with discretized space and a stationary target, moving towards continuous space algorithms.

    MATLAB 2

  5. SI-HARPS Public

    Sketching Interface facilitated Human Augmented Robotic Planning and Sensing

    Python 2

  6. Forked from CentraleNantesRobotics/ping360_sonar

    ROS package for Blue Robotics Ping360 Sonar

    Python 2



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