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A Package for Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms Written in C/C++


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This new version of ADOL-C features new library functions for
  - sparse Jacobians and sparse Hessians
  - external differentiated functions
  - optimal checkpointing
  - adapted differentiation of fixed point iterations
  - parallel differentiation of OpenMP-parallel loops
  - Lie derivatives of scalar, vector and covector fields

and many bug fixes.

Furthermore the source code was adapted to allow a compilation with
WINDOWS compilers. See file "INSTALL" for generic installation
instructions and special instructions for the installation on a WINDOWS

The complete documentation can be found in the subdirectory "doc".


1. Type autoreconf -fi

2. Run configure with possibly using one of these options:

  --prefix=PREFIX         install library and header files in PREFIX
                          (default: ${HOME}/adolc_base)
  --enable-sparse           build sparse drivers [default=no]

  --with-openmp-flag=FLAG use FLAG to enable OpenMP at compile time

  --enable-docexa           build documented examples [default=no]
  --enable-addexa           build additional examples [default=no]
  --enable-parexa           build parallel example [default=no], if yes
                          -with-openmp-flag=FLAG required

  --with-cflags=FLAGS     use CFLAGS=FLAGS (default: -g -O2)
  --with-cxxflags=FLAGS   use CXXFLAGS=FLAGS (default: -g -02 -std=c++11)

  --with-boost=BOOST_PATH path to the compiled boost library, otherwise
                          the system one is chosen by default (if exists)

3. Type make 

4. Type make install

   By default, `make install' will install all the files in ${PREFIX}/lib and
   ${PREFIX}/include. You can specify another installation directory by using
   the --prefix-option in the configure call.

This procedure provides all makefiles required in the approporate directories.
Execute 'configure --help' for more details on other available option.

Nonlocal installation

As mentioned in INSTALL one can configure the adolc package to be installed
in a different directory than "${HOME}/adolc_base" by using the "--prefix=PATH"
configure option. This is typically used for global installations. Common PATHs
are "/usr" and "/usr/local/", and others are known to be used. Fine control
over the installation directories can be gained by supplying additional
configure options. See "./configure --help" for details.

Completing the installation by executing "make install" requires write
permissions for all target directories. Make sure to have them or the result
may be surprising otherwise.

A global installation can be helpfull if many users need the library. By adding
the library's path to "/etc/" the usage of LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the
"-L" link switch becomes unnecessary. In many cases, for instance for
PATH=/usr/local, the use of the -I directive for compiling sources becomes
unnecessary too.


Examples must be configured to build by using the configure switches
   --enable-docexa or --enable-addexa.
They will never be installed by make install but can be found in the
appropriate example subdirectory.

Windows Compilation with MINGW

Please refer to INSTALL

Windows Compilation with Visual Studio

Please refer to the file windows/Readme_VC++.txt for building the library and
ADOL-C/examples/Readme_VC++.txt for the documented examples.

Unit tests

ADOL-C provides more than 400 unit tests to verify its basic functionality.
For more information how to run the tests, please check the README file in ADOL-C/boost-test directory.

Enjoy this new version!