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Coin Graph Classes (Cgc) Introduction

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Cgc is a result of an interest in Computer Science, Graph Theory, and Engineering application. Although it isn't perfect from the view of any of the three disciplines, it is an interesting blend of all three. From Computer Science one can see the utility of STL-like containers and the re-use of container representation and algorithms. From Graph Theory we can see the utility in having a reusable library of algorithms and graph representations which change 'order of' behavior depending on the represntations in code. From Engineering application one can see from even the samples how this might be applied to real-world problems.

Purpose of Coin Graph Classes (Cgc)

The purpose of the Cgc collection of Network Representations and Algorithms is to facilitate the development and implementation of Network Algorithms. The library was designed with some key ideas in mind:

Key ideas

  • Use STL and STL-like interfaces

  • Allow for common iteration through the network containers regardless of representation

  • Provide the ability to access the data structures named "nodes" and "arcs" for clarity

  • Any Graph Representation should be able to survive more than one Algorithm

  • Any Algorithm should be able to survive more than one Graph Representation

  • Make the representations as compact as possible without sacrificing time complexity

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Contact information: To contact someone about Cgc, subscribe to the mailing list and submit a post.

To report a bug: submit an issue through GitHub.