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Stefan Vigerske edited this page Mar 9, 2019 · 2 revisions

Contributor: Marta Eso

Maintainer: Laszlo Ladanyi

Generates cuts of the form (sum of a set of binary variables) <= 1.

Note: This implementation is very fast, but designed for set partitioning problems. A more general purpose implementation would be welcome.


  • M. Eso, Parallel branch and cut for set partitioning, Ph.D. thesis, Cornell University, 1999. This is the best reference for CglClique. It describes the implementation in addition to the theory.
  • Hoffman, K. and Padberg, M., "Solving Airline Crew Scheduling Problems by Branch-and-Cut", Management Science 39(6), June, 1993. Algorithms only, and not specific to this implementation.