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COIN-OR Linear Programming Solver
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Clp (Coin-or linear programming) is an open-source linear programming solver. It is primarily meant to be used as a callable library, but a basic, stand-alone executable version is also available. It is designed to find solutions of mathematical optimization problems of the form

minimize c'x such that lhs ≤ Ax ≤ rhs and lb ≤ x ≤ ub

CLP includes primal and dual Simplex solvers. Both dual and primal algorithms can use matrix storage methods provided by the user (0-1 and network matrices are already supported in addition to the default sparse matrix). The dual algorithm has Dantzig and Steepest edge row pivot choices; new ones may be provided by the user. The same is true for the column pivot choice of the primal algorithm. The primal can also use a non linear cost which should work for piecewise linear convex functions. CLP also includes a barrier method for solving LPs.

Clp is written in C++ and is released as open source code under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). It is available from the COIN-OR initiative. The code is written primarily by John J. Forrest, now retired from IBM Research. The project is currently managed by John Forrest, Lou Hafer, Julian Hall, and Matthew Saltzman.

The Clp website is

Clp is available in Debian and Ubuntu.

Getting Started using CoinBrew

To build Clp from source, obtain the coinbrew script from and run

/path/to/coinbrew fetch --main-proj=Clp
/path/to/coinbrew build --main-proj=Clp --test
/path/to/coinbrew install --main-proj=Clp

The coinbrew script will fetch these additional projects.

Getting Started without CoinBrew (Expert users)

  1. Install these Dependencies
  2. Obtain the source code, e.g., from
  3. Run ./configure -C to generate makefiles
  4. Run make to build the CoinUtils library
  5. Run make test to build and run the CoinUtils unit test program
  6. Run make install to install library and header files.

Doxygen Documentation

If you have Doxygen available, you can build a HTML documentation by typing

make doxydoc

in the build directory. If Clp was build via coinbrew, then the build directory is ./build/Clp. The doxygen documentation main file is found at ./doxydoc/html/index.html in the build directory.

If Doxygen is not available, you can use also use this link.

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