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CoinMP is a C-API library that supports most of the functionality of CLP (Coin LP), CBC (Coin Branch-and-Cut), and CGL (Cut Generation Library) projects. When compiled for Windows it generates a CoinMP.dll that can be readily used in other Windows C/C++ projects. When compiled for Unix it generates a library that can be similarly used in other Unix C/C++ projects. The project includes a precompiled CoinMP.dll that is ready to be used as is in other Windows applications.

  • The latest stable version of CoinMP is .
  • The latest release version of CoinMP is .
  • Click here to see the current change log.

Download CoinMP

The CoinMP binary dll can be downloaded directory from this link:

CoinMP uses the Subversion for source code control.
The following subversion command can be used to obtain CoinMP

svn co CoinMP

There are many Subversion GUIs. One of them is TortoiseSVN. Here are the steps to obtain CoinMP using the TortoiseSVN client.

  • Install TortoiseSVN on your system.
  • Select a directory in windows explorer where you want to place your working copy. Right click to pop up the context menu and select the command SVN Checkout...

  • In the URL of Repository field enter and in the Checkout directory field enter CoinMP.

  • When the checkout is complete the following window will be displayed:

Using CoinMP

To use CoinMP in your own application, link in the CoinMP.lib file in the CoinMP\MSVisualStudio\v9\Release folder and copy the DLL file to the same directory as your application. The header file CoinMP.h in the CoinMP\src folder contains the prototypes for all the functions in the DLL.

The interface to this library designed to be as simple as possible, but still provide similar functionality as other standard solver DLL's available.

Building CoinMP


Currently, CoinMP 1.7 has been tested for Windows compilation with the C++ compiler in MS Visual Studio 2008 (v9).

To build the 'CoinMP.dll', first open the solution file 'CoinMP.sln' in the CoinMP\MSVisualStudio\v9 folder. When you are ready to compile, select 'Build Solution' from the 'Build' menu in Visual Studio.


  1. svn co CoinMP
  2. cd CoinMP
  3. ./configure -C
  4. make
  5. make test
  6. make install

Step 1 issues the subversion command to obtain the source code. Alternatively one can obtain the source code from the tarball directory, and down loading a file of the form CoinMP_YYYYMMMDD.tgz.

Step 3 runs a configure script that generates the make file.

Step 4 builds the CoinMP library.

Step 5 builds and runs the CoinMP unit test program.

Step 6 Installs libraries, executables and header files.

The BuildTools project has additional details on downloading, building, and installing.

Included Projects

If you download the CoinMP package, you get these additional projects.

Project Links