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This directory contains the MATLAB interface to CSDP.  There are three
MATLAB functions:
  csdp              Solve a problem in SeDuMi format.
  writesdpa         Takes a problem in SeDuMi format and outputs it
                    to a file in SDPA sparse format.
  readsol           Reads a CSDP solution into the workspace in SeDuMi form.
  convertf          Converts free variables in a SeDuMi problem into the
                    differences of nonnegative variables, so that the problem
                    can be solved by CSDP.

Note that these .m files must be in your MATLAB search path, and that
the csdp executable must be in your shell's search path for this
interface to work.

To add the .m files to the MATLAB path, see the path function in MATLAB. 
It can be used to show the current path and add new directories to the 
current path. 

Once you've installed CSDP and the MATLAB interface routines, you can test
them with

>> load control1.mat
>> whos
>> pars.objtol=1.0e-9;
>> [x,y,z,info]=csdp(At,b,c,K,pars);
>> info
The file control1.correct shows correct output from these commands.  Your
results should be similar, although there are likely to be slight differences
in the actual values.  

For help with using the routines, see

>> help csdp
>> help writesdpa
>> help readsol
>> help convertf