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This directory contains C code for an SDP code to compute the Lovasz
Theta number of a graph.  This is mainly to demonstrate the use of the
CSDP callable library.

Usage is 
  theta <problem>

where <problem> is the name of a file containing the graph in the 
following format:

  # of nodes
  # of edges
  the edges, one per line, described by the two vertices
For example, the complete graph on four nodes looks like this:
  1 2
  1 3
  1 4
  2 3
  2 4
  3 4

A program for converting a graph into an SDP in sparse SDPA format
is also provided.  Usage is:

graphtoprob <graph> <problem file> <initial solution file>

I've also provided a program for generating random graphs.  Usage

  rand_graph <filename> <n> <p> [<seed>]
where <filename> is the output file, <n> is the number of nodes in the
graph, <p> is the probability that each edge will be present, and <seed>
is an optional integer seed for the random number generator.  

I've provided a third program for computing the complement of a 
graph.  Usage is 
  complement <input graph> <output graph>

Please note that there are two commonly used conventions for Theta(G)
and Theta(complement(G)) In this code, theta(complement(G)) is an
upper bound on the max-clique of G, not theta(G).

You may also want to adjust the LIBS= and CFLAGS= lines in the Makefile
to get code optimized for your particular system.