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Install from Docker

Using a pre-compiled version of hummingbot from Docker allows you to run hummingbot with a single line command.

Docker images of hummingbot are available on Docker Hub at coinalpha/hummingbot.

Create new instance of hummingbot

docker run -it \
--name $NAME \
-v "$PWD"/conf/:/conf/ \
-v "$PWD"/logs/:/logs/ \

!!! note "Command Variables" Replace $TAG with the image version, such as latest, and $NAME with a label you choose, such as 'WETH-USDC'

Config and log files

When creating the instance for the first time, the docker run command above will create two new folders on your computer and mount them to your instance:

  • conf/: where configuration files will be stored
  • log/: where logs will be stored

docker setup

!!! info "Mounting Existing config and log Folders" If you have existing conf/ and log/ folders, running the command above will mount the existing conf/ and log/ folders to the newly created docker container instance and allow you to continue using those files.

Reference: Useful Docker commands

Command Description
docker ps List existing, running containers
docker start $NAME Start an existing, previously created container
docker attach $NAME Connect to an existing, running container

Update Hummingbot version

The following command will update an existing instance of hummingbot with a new, specified version:

docker rm $NAME && \
docker image rm coinalpha/hummingbot:$OLD_TAG && \
docker run -it \
--name $NAME \
-v "$PWD"/conf/:/conf/ \
-v "$PWD"/logs/:/logs/ \

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