Official Coinbase Commerce X-Cart Integration
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  1. Move module to your xcart site. Copy classes/XLite/Module/Coinbase to classes/XLite/Module/ and skins/admin/modules/Coinbase to skins/admin/modules/.
  2. Re-deploy the store. Go to "System tools"/"Cache management" and click Start button in "Re-deploy the store" section
  3. Activate module. Go to "My Addons", find Coinbase Commerce Payment Method switch to ON and click Save changes button.
  4. Go to "Store setup"/"Payment methods" activate Coinbase Commerce and click Configure
  5. Copy "App Key" and "Secret Key" from "Settings" page of Coinbase Commerce Dashboard (
  6. Copy Webhook Url from module's configuration page to Coinbase Commerce Dashboard

Integrate with other e-commerce platforms

Coinbase Commerce Integrations