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Release 2.0.0

@ntucker ntucker released this
· 1657 commits to master since this release
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See Announcement for reasoning behind the changes.

💥 Breaking Change

  • [breaking] SchemaArray<T> -> SchemaList<T>; SchemaBase<T> -> SchemaDetail<T>; improved Schema types 7deaf71
  • [breaking] getUrl() -> getFetchKey(); shape.fetch() takes params (#94) a3ed7e5
  • [breaking] Rename Resource FetchShape generators to end in 'Shape' 78feee8
  • [breaking] RequestShape -> FetchShape 0d7acce
  • [breaking] RestProvider -> CacheProvider ada69e8
  • [breaking] CacheProvider takes array of managers 1767bb9
  • [breaking] useError() just returns the error instead of throwing ef19f81
  • [breaking] Don't import polyfills but assume they are already loaded #67

💅 Enhancement

  • [enhance] Use defaultProps for CacheProvider initialState 64496bc

🏠 Internal

  • [internal] Disable salus yarnaudit until its fixed fb50577
  • Revert "[internal] Create new docs version upon release" 6b4bb50
  • [internal] Create new docs version upon release 8fdcfcc
  • [internal] Leave out previous tag from release notes 3dc4392
  • [internal] Use absolute library imports #92

📝 Documentation

  • [docs] Version 2.0 of docs bb175cb
  • [docs] Add blog announcing 2.0 #101
  • [docs] typo affect => effect #102
  • [docs] Add links to more custom endpoints examples 88dd2ba
  • [docs] Fix useResource() example 236507b
  • [docs] Start versioning the docs 9e0722f
  • [docs] Preload fonts 3298137
  • [docs] Add managers prop to CacheProvider docs 671b3d7
  • [docs] Improve docs site 10228da
  • [docs] Link versions page to releases page on github 8cc4c35
  • [docs] Reorganize docs; add endpoint and url customization #93