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@ntucker ntucker released this Oct 20, 2019 · 176 commits to master since this release

Full Announcement

🚀 New Feature

  • [feature] Add optimistic update on create + configurable optimistic updates #153
  • [feature] Add useResetter() which returns a function that can clear entire cache #148 f40cae8
  • [feature] Add useResourceNew() and useCacheNew() #136 #141
  • [feature] Fully support Union and Values schemas in types and useDenormalized() #135
  • [feature] Add useDenormalized() hook selector #134

💅 Enhancement

  • [enhance] Make redux a peerDep only used for makeExternalCacheProvider() 6a11502
  • [enhance] Improve normalizr type expressiveness #154
  • [enhance] Improve useResource() error handling conditions #149

🐛 Bug Fix

  • [docs][fix] Update test API docs to reflect latest version 149a247
  • [fix] @testing-library/react-hooks should be optional peerDep - not a dependency f499fb0
  • [fix] Reset should clear currently resolved promises so they don't add to cache async #150
  • [fix] useRetrieve(): Only refetch on param changes #146
  • [fix] Keep promise sync list the same size so React doesn't complain #140

📦 Package

🏠 Internal

  • [internal] Use prettier from eslint rather than vice-versa a26a5cd
  • [internal] Code style tweaks 585a574
  • [internal] Simplify type exports b0727fc
  • [internal] Simplify purge entity algorithm d8c21dc
  • [internal] Make getEntitySchema a little more readable ccb0fe9
  • [internal] Clean up React types in test lib 168bd8d
  • [internal] More compressed initialization for resolve/reject 3ec4f1c
  • [internal] Auto format on save for vscode 5aea79c
  • [internal] Only use 2 workers for jest so memory stays in bounds 3d315c6
  • [internal] Use polyfills in tests 055e05d
  • [internal] Yarn audit security checks in circle #155

📝 Documentation

  • [docs][fix] Update test API docs to reflect latest version 149a247
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