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COINCUBE | Crypto Portfolio Management
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COINCUBE | Crypto Portfolio Management

Getting Started

You will need some developer tools to get up and running. Please install git, docker, and node.

Clone repo

git clone

Change to root directory

cd coincube

Fetch all submodules

git submodule update --init --recursive

Build back

cd back

Add CMC_API_KEY from Coin Market Cap

  1. Visit Coin Market Cap and signup for their free Basic API.
  2. Paste the API key into lines 46 and 72 in docker-compose.yml. The key should be a string: CMC_API_KEY: 'your_CMC_API_key_here'.
  3. Save docker-compose.yml.


You'll need to securely generated a base64 encoded RSA Private key. This will be used to encrypt your API keys and other sensitive data in the database.

  1. From inside of the back folder, generate a new seed python which will generate a new seed.
  2. Paste the entire encoded key except for the preceding 'b' as a string on lines 18 and 113 of docker-compose.yml
  3. These two lines should look something like: VAULT_SEED: 'LS0tLS1CRUdJTiBSU0......TVV6UWh3PT0KLS0tLS1FTkQgUlNBIFBSSVZBVEUgS0VZLS0tLS0='
  4. Save docker-compose.yml.

Docker Setup

You will need Docker.

Build the Docker container(s):

docker-compose build

Run the Docker container(s):

docker-compose up


The first time you run docker-compose up you will need to wait for the database to be populated. This should take 10-15 minutes.

Build front

cd ../front
npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

This is the way you should run the front-end for local use.

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

If you plan to run in a production environment you'll want to use this command.

npm run build

Using Application

Once front and back are running, navigate to: in your browser.

To connect directly to the database

Name: local
Username: admin
Password: 4pa1z&ABK78R
Database: coincube
Port: 3306

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