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Error code table

Error code description
100 Required parameters cannot be empty
101 Illegal parameter
102 The requested token does not exist
103 The key does not exist
104 Signature does not match
105 Insufficient permissions
106 Request expired (nonce error)
200 Insufficient balance
201 The number of trades is less than the minimum trade amount
202 The order price must be between 0 - 1000000
203 Order does not exist
204 The amount of the pending order must be above 0.001 BTC
205 Limit the price of pending orders
301 Record does not exist
302 Record does not exist
303 Your pending order is being processed, please try again later
304 Undo failed and your pending order has been processed
206 Decimal place error
401 system error
402 Request too frequently
403 Non-open API
404 IP restrictions cannot request this resource
405 Currency trading temporarily closed
505 Insufficient balance
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