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Byteball to TCP proxy
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Byteball-to-TCP Proxy

This program acts a as TCP proxy on the Byteball network. By default, it serves the current time from telnet:// (port 13). However, it can trivially be configured to serve any TCP service over the Byteball network.


Incoming text messages are forwarded to the predefined host. Data that arrives as a response is sent back to the guest device. If the open parameter is defined its value is sent to the server immediately after tunnel establishment. The %s part in the open parameter is replaced by the Byteball device address. If the pair parameter is defined its value is executed as a system command after replacing %s with the hex string representation of the used pairing secret and %d with the device address.


In the Byteball wallet, go to PAIRED DEVICES -> Add a new device -> Accept invitation from the other device. Then scan the following QR code, or input the address manually.

A/ ""



  • npm install

  • node bb2tcp.js <host> <port> <name> <desc> <open> <pair> <from>

    host --- host name or the IP address of the TCP server

    port --- port number of the TCP server

    name --- name of this Byteball chatbot

    desc --- initial greeting message shown to freshly paired Byteball devices

    open --- message sent to the TCP server where %s is replaced with the device address

    pair --- command executed on pairing attempts where %s and %d are replaced with pairing data

    from --- source IP address to use when connecting to the TCP server

    Example: node bb2tcp.js 13 "Current Time" "Welcome!" "device %s" "notify-send %d:%s" ""

  • Get the pairing code from the process log.

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