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Welcome to Osmosis.

We provide a secure API proxy to the Bitfinex Rest API, using OAuth2 scopes to permit fine grained control over your what your applications can really do.

The current version of Osmosis only works with the hackathon API so should not be used for production applications

Getting started

You'll need an account on the Osmosis site. Sign up here.

As part of the sign up process we will ask you for your Hackathon Bitfinex API key details. This data is immediately encrypted before being stored in our system.

You will then be able to create new applications using the standard OAuth2 Authorization code grant workflow using scopes to control exactly what the application is allowed to do.

Once your application is configured you can all our API, with your access key, and we will validate the request satisfies your application ruleset before sending it on to the main Bitfinex API.

Scopes Available

The following map shows the current end point / scope mapping.

'/v1/account_infos': 'bitfinex:fees:read',
'/v1/account_fees': 'bitfinex:fees:read',
'/v1/summary': 'bitfinex:summary:read',
'/v1/deposit/new': 'bitfinex:deposit:write',
'/v1/margin_infos': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/balances': 'bitfinex:balance:read',
'/v1/transfer': 'bitfinex:transfer:write',
'/v1/withdraw': 'bitfinex:withdraw:write',
'/v1/order/new': 'bitfinex:orders:write',
'/v1/order/new/multi': 'bitfinex:orders:write',
'/v1/order/cancel': 'bitfinex:orders:write:cancel',
'/v1/order/cancel/multi': 'bitfinex:orders:write:cancel',
'/v1/order/cancel/all': 'bitfinex:orders:write:cancel',
'/v1/order/cancel/replace': 'bitfinex:orders:write',
'/v1/order/status': 'bitfinex:orders:read',
'/v1/orders': 'bitfinex:orders:read',
'/v1/orders/hist': 'bitfinex:orders:read',
'/v1/positions': 'bitfinex:positions:read',
'/v1/position/claim': 'bitfinex:positions:write',
'/v1/history': 'bitfinex:balance:read',
'/v1/history/movements': 'bitfinex:withdraw:read',
'/v1/mytrades': 'bitfinex:orders:read',
'/v1/offer/new': 'bitfinex:margins:write',
'/v1/offer/cancel': 'bitfinex:margins:write',
'/v1/offer/status': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/credits': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/offers': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/offers/hist': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/mytrades_funding': 'bitfinex:orders:read',
'/v1/taken_funds': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/unused_taken_funds': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/total_taken_funds': 'bitfinex:margins:read',
'/v1/funding/close': 'bitfinex:margins:write',
'/v1/basket_manage': 'bitfinex:orders:write',
'/v1/position/close': 'bitfinex:orders:write'

Pair restrictions

The above can be futher restricted through parameters:

pair: any valid finex pair (e.g. btcusd ethbtc eosbtc)
max: maximum trade value in left pair currency
min: minimum trade value in left pair currency

These can be applied to any operation using :write

End points available

Every endpoint of the Bitfinex API v2.0 is exposed via Osmosis.

Why should you trust Osmosis?

Your API key is literally the key to the kingdom. As such the Osmosis system encrypts your keys using data that only you have. Your keys are only unlocked when you make a request through the Osmosis system.

At no point can Osmosis developers access your API keys. And in the unlikely event of a breach, the keys are worthless without your secrets to unlock them.

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