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Coin2Go is a PoS-based cryptocurrency. It stands for green mining, smart applications, augmented reality and innovative app technologies.

About Cointogo

So far, the crypto currency market has clearly been dominated by Bitcoin. With many new thinkings and the introduction of new technologies, a change has taken place . The use of Blockchain technology offers endless possibilities, especially in app development and virtual reality. The goal of Concept 2go is to combine these two components. Smartphones and App's are becoming increasingly popular, this gives us the opportunity to reach out the masses with the subject cryptocurrency. 2Go is a coin, focused on usability with easy access for everyone.

Our Services

Secret Wallet The Coin2Go Hard-Wallet meets all safety standards and is easy to use. It gives you control over your money, and you can generate Coins for yourself with Proof of Stake (POS).

Mobile App Our main focus is on instant payment and smart intelligence, on the other hand, ease to use and innovative technology in gaming and augmented reality. We provide all this through our upcoming app.

Exchange Service We are planning the listing on two exchanges to bring 2Go into the market. Coin2Go offers all possibilities to trade on the crypto exchanges.

Technology Our coin is based on Proof of Stake, one of the newest cryptocurrency technologies. The energy consumption when "staking" is much lower compared to the conventional "mining". Constant block time allows fast transactions.

Webwallet Our webwallet provides access to the coins at any time, as well as real-time payments within the community without having to access an installed wallet. Easy integration into other business models is possible.

Planning Innovative app solutions in connection with merchants, gaming, instant payment, augmented reality and virtual reality with access for every smartphone user. An API interface will allow apps to connect to each other within our blockchain.

Mobile App

The demand for apps and smart applications has grown rapidly in recent years. With our app, the combination of blockchain and augmented reality will provide groundbreaking opportunities. New instant pay solutions, especially in the gaming area, are being planned. The combination of these options, as well as ensuring privacy and security standards are the next steps in the 2go project. The interactions between man and machine will become smarter in the future. Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, digital products will be capable of solving problems, learning from mistakes and constantly improving themselves.

Official Links

Social Media