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Eurosec 2017

The goal of this wiki is to gather and to share information about embedded devices used by the research community.

Current devices

The list with the current devices is provided on this page.

Submiting a new device

Feel free to submit information about new embedded devices by sending pull requests.

  1. Refrain to submit any copyrighted material.
  2. Specify the architecture and the instruction set.
  3. Evaluate if code execution (CE, G1), debug connection (Debug, G3) and a communication channel/analysis (CC, G2) is achieved.
  4. Submit any links and descriptions regarding the process of transforming the embedded device to research platform.
  5. Try to reference as much possible academic or non academic conferences.
  6. Try to get an accurrate model number with as much details as possible such that the process is reproducible.


The goal of this wiki is pure educational: to reuse off-the-shelf embedded device as research platforms. Everything hosted on this website complies with Responsible Disclosure Guidelines of NCSC. As this work is collaborative, has educational purpose and is publicly available, we are not responsible for the way it is used. We do not guarantee the corectness of this work. This work is licensed under Apache 2.0 License.


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