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Set of custom Deckset themes created for different occasions.
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In this repository you'll find custom themes for Deckset. Themes customization is still under development, but beta testers are able to play around with those super cool customization!

How to use

Each theme is in a separate directory, so just go to this directory and you'll find a Markdown file (which is a template) with some sample slides, but most importantly, with defined customizations on to of the file. Besides this, you'll probably find assets/ directory where all images are stored.

When you import Markdown file in Deckset you'll probably see a warning banner asking you for some permissions, so it can actually show all the assets correctly. Just allow and you're good to go! Open Markdown file in your favorite editor and create beautiful slides! 🙌


  1. Mobiconf - theme based on Mobiconf's official templates for Keynote and Power Point. You can find all required assets in here as well.
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