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A RESTful web service framework for ColdFusion

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Thanks for checking out Taffy!

Taffy is a ColdFusion framework that helps you build RESTful web services with very little "boilerplate" code, very little configuration, and to be honest, very little effort.


Documentation is provided via the wiki.


In addition to this GitHub project, we have a mailing list for Taffy Users. Feel free to ask for help, discuss potential bugs, and share new ideas there.

We're currently looking for users with production Railo setups to help test and refactor Taffy to be 100% Railo compatible.

Open Source!

Part of the beauty of open source is that you can affect change. You can help improve the documentation, fix a bug, add tests, or even propose new features. Nothing is off limits, and I try to be very responsive to pull requests and on the mailing list.

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