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An Object-Oriented XML Library for Perl 6

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Exemel -- An Object-Oriented XML Framework for Perl 6

Status: Stable

NOTE: Currently only works with the "ng" branch of Rakudo.
      The "nom" branch is currently missing some important grammar/regex
      functionality that is required by Exemel. Once the functionality is
      in place, Exemel will be ported to "nom". Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not much in the way of documentation yet, this is a simple XML parser
that creates objects with special attributes.

It supports element queries, parent element information, several types
of XML nodes (Document, Element, Text, PI, Comment, CDATA), a few helper
methods for working with XML Namespaces, and an extendable interface.

You can also serialize the objects back to text by using an Exemel object
in a string context.

I want to keep the core Exemel library slim and fast, with just the bare
essentials to work with common XML tasks. At the same time I want to be
able to provide some extra functionality that will make working with XML
documents easier and more fun. To that end, I am planning on including a
few additional helper libraries, see doc/TODO.txt for more information on 
the ones I'm currently planning.

See the tests in t/ for an example of how the library works.

The is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0.

The Exemel::Grammar library is based on the XML::Grammar::Document library
from but modified to work with the new Rakudo,
and some minor changes specific to the Exemel model.

Primary Author: Timothy Totten

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