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Data for perl6 roast data for various implementations.
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"Perl6 Roast Data"
    This project contains tools for running the perl6 spec test suite
    (roast) by several different implementations, as well as tracking the
    results of those runs.

    See "perl6_pass_rates" for the data.

    Each implementation's last run is checked in under a corresponding
    ".out" file. Check your implementation's file for any failures or
    unexpected passes.

"Why don't all tests pass?"
    Each implementation shares roast with all the other
    implementations. If a test is added, it might not be immediately
    fudged to work on all implementations - in fact, depending on what
    is being tested, the entire file may start failing in some

    The test numbers are run daily from a limited cron environment. If
    the test is expecting things (like an environment variable) these
    assumptions need to be added to the implementation's script in
    Finally, these tests are run on a schedule; it's not expected that
    commits to spec and to an implementation will be synchronized
    with the running of this harness; give new tests a day to settle in.

    If you notice a test is continually failing (check the history of the
    implementation's .out file), please open a ticket with that implementation.

"How to Help - Pugs"

    Since Pugs is in maintenance mode at this point, any new tests are not
    likely to get a patch to work; To keep Pugs green, any failing tests
    should be fudged. For most tests, this involves prefixing the test

    #?pugs todo
    If this still doesn't allow the test file to complete, change the todo
    to a skip - this requires a reason; either put in the error diagnostic
    or the word "parsefail", e.g.:

    #?pugs skip 'No compatible multi variant found: "&is"'

    If you still can't get a test file to pass, drop by #perl6.
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