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A shell script which convert gfwlist into dnsmasq rules.

Working on both Linux-based (Debian/Ubuntu/Cent OS/OpenWrt/LEDE/Cygwin/Bash on Windows/etc.) and BSD-based (FreeBSD/Mac OS X/etc.) system.

This script needs sed, base64, curl(orwget). You should have these binaries on you system.


sh [options] -o FILE
Valid options are:
    -d, --dns <dns_ip>
                DNS IP address for the GfwList Domains (Default:
    -p, --port <dns_port>
                DNS Port for the GfwList Domains (Default: 5353)
    -s, --ipset <ipset_name>
                Ipset name for the GfwList domains
                (If not given, ipset rules will not be generated.)
    -o, --output <FILE>
    -i, --insecure
                Force bypass certificate validation (insecure)
    -l, --domain-list
                Convert Gfwlist into domain list instead of dnsmasq rules
                (If this option is set, DNS IP/Port & ipset are not needed)
        --exclude-domain-file <FILE>
                Delete specific domains in the result from a domain list text file
                Please put one domain per line
        --extra-domain-file <FILE>
                Include extra domains to the result from a domain list text file
                This file will be processed after the exclude-domain-file
                Please put one domain per line
    -h, --help  Usage

OpenWRT Usage

( For LEDE 17.01/ OpenWrt 18.06 and later)

To download gfwlist curl or wget is needed. Because the connection is HTTPS, if you use busybox wget, you need to install libustream-openssl or libustream-mbedtls to support it, otherwise use GNU wget.

Because gfwlist is encoded by BASE64, base64 is needed to decode.

# curl
opkg update
opkg install curl coreutils-base64
# busybox wget (default by OpenWrt)
opkg update
opkg install libustream-mbedtls coreutils-base64
# GNU wget
opkg update
opkg install wget coreutils-base64

For security reason, this script won't bypass HTTPS certificate validation. So you should install ca-certificates and ca-bundle in addition.

opkg update
opkg install ca-certificates ca-bundle

If you really want to bypass the certificate validation, use '-i' or '--insecure' option. You should know this is insecure.

Generated Configuration Files Build Status

If you don't want to generate dnsmasq configuration file by yourself, you can directly download them:


A shell script which convert gfwlist into dnsmasq rules. Python version:





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