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CityHack 2019 - Ching Ho Ball


HappyJai is an iOS application with the following features:

  • A forum for academic and school-life related discussion
  • Disguised as an easy-to-use IM application.
  • A sentiment analysis powered by AI that understands your sent messages.
  • A page that tell you your emotions through simple design.


In order to address the potential depression/mental problem for university students, HappyJai is a mobile application designed for students to visualize their level of everyday happiness, and to let them realize whether are they in a healthy mental state. We provide a forum, with chatrooms and direct messaging for students to communicate with their schoolmates and the AI in HappyJai will analyze communication data of every user and calculate their rate of happiness.


git clone
cd HappyJai-CityHack2019
open Happy\ Jai.xcodeproj/


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