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Byron Trial, Day 25 (Week 6)


  • Crown: I can indicate Mr. Letch is still ill. His supervisor has stepped in to help in, and was helpful... Mr. Letch has come into the office today to help us.
  • Crown: We have moved mountains. There is one final issue... Everything else is ready to be put before your Honor.
  • Crown: The one issue we have before you today is the is the evidence from the pretrial motions. Crown and Council have agreed on what evidence should be used and (passes sheet of paper).
  • The remaining technical issue is ... Mr. Copeland's crossexamination referred to a list of bookmarks. We got the dates of the bookmarks and dates sites were visited. We have an Excell sheet with much more data than we can use...
  • Mr. Copeland has been working on the twitter - the twitter feed. He has been able to translate the Linux or Unix code for the date into a readable form... We are in agreement...
  • We're trying to come to an agreed statement of fact about the encrypted portion of the harddrive and the information we have about that.
  • Judge: Please express my gratitude to Mr. Letch.
  • Crown: The Crown will close its case when the Agreed Statement of Fact is filed.
  • Crown: And it cuts down on Defense evidence as well.
  • Judge: You've clearly made a lot of progress... What I'm hearing is that you have nothing to put before the court today?
  • Crown: Yes.
  • Judge: You're going to need today to work on this?
  • Crown: Yes.
  • Defense: There is still disagreement on Ms. Hiscock and Henderson's evidence. We're talking to the Crown for that case but there will be an argument. There will also be arguments of goat.
  • Defense: The Crown is also taking the xml off the table.
  • Judge: Good. It's completely understandable based on how the search was done, but once you understand where the data comes from...
  • Defense: The twitter pod data has been converted into a readable form.
  • Defense: We will be providing the data sorted by different fields.
  • Defense: With the firefox data, it has been converted into an Excell spreadsheet and we're working on removing data that is not relevant to the case.
  • Defense: There's also some minor modifications to the previous ASF.
  • Judge: So, Monday is the filing of the ASF and then arguments on admissibility issues.