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-- Implicit CAD. Copyright (C) 2011, Christopher Olah (
-- Released under the GNU GPL, see LICENSE
module Graphics.Implicit.Definitions where
-- Let's make things a bit nicer.
-- Following math notation ℝ, ℝ², ℝ³...
type ℝ = Float
type2 = (ℝ,ℝ)
type3 = (ℝ,ℝ,ℝ)
type ℕ = Int
-- A chain of line segments, as in SVG
-- eg. [(0,0), (0.5,1), (1,0)] ---> /\
type Polyline = [ℝ2]
-- In Implicit CAD, we consider objects as functions
-- of `outwardness'. The boundary is 0, negative is the
-- interior and positive the exterior. The magnitude is
-- how far out or in.
-- A 2D object
type Obj2 = (ℝ2 -> ℝ)
-- A 3D object
type Obj3 = (ℝ3 -> ℝ)
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