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-- This module exists to re-export a coherent set of functions to define
-- Data.Text.Lazy builders with.
module Graphics.Implicit.Export.TextBuilderUtils
-- Values from Data.Text.Lazy
-- Values from Data.Text.Lazy.Builder, as well as some special builders
-- Serialize a float in full precision
-- Serialize a float with four decimal places
-- Values from Data.Monoid
) where
import Data.Text.Lazy
-- We manually redefine this operator to avoid a dependency on base >= 4.5
-- This will become unnecessary later.
import qualified Data.Monoid as Monoid
import Data.Text.Lazy
import Data.Text.Lazy.Internal (defaultChunkSize)
import Data.Text.Lazy.Builder hiding (toLazyText)
import Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.RealFloat
import Data.Text.Lazy.Builder.Int
import Graphics.Implicit.Definitions
-- The chunk size for toLazyText is very small (128 bytes), so we export
-- a version with a much larger size (~16 K)
toLazyText :: Builder -> Text
toLazyText = toLazyTextWith defaultChunkSize
bf, buildTruncFloat ::-> Builder
bf = formatRealFloat Exponent Nothing
{-# INLINE bf #-}
buildTruncFloat = formatRealFloat Fixed $ Just 4
buildInt :: Int -> Builder
buildInt = decimal
-- This is directly copied from base
infixr 6 <>
(<>) :: Monoid.Monoid m => m -> m -> m
(<>) = Monoid.mappend
{-# INLINE (<>) #-}
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