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.PHONY: build install clean docs dist test examples tests
# stl2ps, from stltools, available from
# convert, from imagemagick
install: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
./Setup install
clean: Setup
./Setup clean
rm -rf Examples/*.stl
rm -rf Examples/*.svg
rm -rf Tests/*.stl
rm -rf Setup
docs: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
./Setup haddock
dist: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
./Setup sdist
test: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
./Setup test
examples: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
cd Examples && for each in `find ./ -name '*scad' -type f | sort`; do { time ../dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad $$each ${RTSOPTS}; } done
cd Examples && for each in `find ./ -name '*.stl' -type f | sort`; do { filename=$(basename "$$each"); filename="$${filename%.*}"; if [ -e $$filename.transform ] ; then echo ${stl2ps} $$each $$ `cat $$filename.transform`; else ${stl2ps} $$each $$; fi; ${convert} $$ $$filename.png; } done
tests: dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad
cd Tests && for each in `find ./ -name '*scad' -type f | sort`; do { time ../dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad $$each ${RESOPTS} ${RTSOPTS}; } done
dist/build/extopenscad/extopenscad: Setup dist/setup-config
./Setup build
dist/setup-config: Setup implicit.cabal
cabal configure
Setup: Setup.*hs
ghc -O2 -Wall --make Setup
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