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bgamari commented May 14, 2012

I just opened a similar issue to this against OpenSCAD itself (openscad/openscad#114), but it applies equally well here.

It would be nice if one could extrude a two-dimensional figure along a path. This would allow the user to specify a path (a series of points or perhaps even a more sophisticated path representation), a 2d figure, and perhaps a basis set to construct the product space of these two spaces. Clearly this is not a trivial request, but it should be recorded nevertheless.

This could be a nice differentiating factor for ImplicitCAD if it is implemented here first. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to do this in the implicit function representation.


colah commented Aug 2, 2012

Thanks for bringing this up!

linear_extrude now has scale and translate arguments to facilitate this (it's not arbitrary paths, but it's still powerful).

There's also extrudeOnEdgeOf in the Haskell code. I need to figure out how to integrate it into extopenscad still.


bgamari commented Aug 3, 2012

This looks like a great start! Thanks!

hmeyer commented Dec 17, 2012

what about blending shapes - like so:
Would be awesome - and seems pretty feasible...

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