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Seperate mesh library #68

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I'm doing surface water modelling; and process extensively polygon-meshes. So
far I haven't found a framework to alter meshes in a programmatic satisfying

I'm very new to Haskell, but very enthusiastic about it, and keen to learn it.
Maybe we could have a seperate mesh-module?

Greetz, Michel


I'd also be somewhat interested in a separate mesh loading/saving package. Exactly what set of features are you thinking of?


Features my dream-mesh-tool could do

  • Interact with airborne-laser-scanning (ALS) data
    • refine/coarse triangulated mesh according to ALS
    • interpolate elevation from ALS
  • Inject points/lines/holes into the mesh
  • Mesh-Simplification
  • Reading and writing in different mesh-formats (.stl,.2dm, ...)

That's what spontaneously comes to my mind ...

There are some existing c++ libraries

I guess interfacing them in a scriptable way would solve the issue; but that
I don't know how to achieve.

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