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bgamari commented Nov 22, 2012

Here is an implementation of the underlying transform for Mirror3. I have yet to implement the necessary parser code for this, therefore it remains untested. For this reason, this isn't so much a pull request as it is a placeholder so that I don't lose track of this work. I'll let you know when it's ready to be pulled.


colah commented Dec 1, 2012

unionBoxes creates a much, much larger bounding box than it should be, here.

 getBox2 (IntersectR2 r symbObjs) = 
-  let 
-    boxes = map getBox2 symbObjs
-    (leftbot, topright) = unzip boxes
-    (lefts, bots) = unzip leftbot
-    (rights, tops) = unzip topright
-    left = maximum lefts
-    bot = maximum bots
-    right = minimum rights
-    top = minimum tops
-  in
-    ((left-r,bot-r),(right+r,top+r))
+  outsetBox r $ unionBoxes (map getBox2 symbObjs)

bgamari added some commits Dec 1, 2012

Add mirror primitives
This leaves the integration with the parser for a later patch.

bgamari commented Feb 13, 2015

Closing as I don't think I'll have time to finish this in the near future.

@bgamari bgamari closed this Feb 13, 2015

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