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Pattern matching + Template Haskell + Awesome
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Pattern Power!!

Design powerful patterns for matching and data extraction. Then inject them into your program with Template Haskell QuasiQuoters.

This project abstracts work from colah/HaskSymb.

Example Usage

We build patterns with the constructors for PrePat. The following are examples:

Free "a"
ListPat [Commutative] [Free "a", Const 1, Free "b", Wild]

You can easily test the properties of a pattern using the (~$) operator. For example:

*Data.Pattern> Wild ~$ "test"
Just []
*Data.Pattern> Free "a" ~$ "test"
Just [("a","test")]
*Data.Pattern> Const 1 ~$ 2
*Data.Pattern> Const 1 ~$ 1
Just []
*Data.Pattern> let a = ListPat [Commutative] [Free "a", Const 1, Free "b", Wild]
*Data.Pattern> a ~$ [1,2,3,4]
Just [("a",2),("b",3)]
*Data.Pattern> a ~$ [2,2,3,4]
*Data.Pattern> let b = ListPat [] [Free "a", Const 1, Free "b", Wild]
*Data.Pattern> b ~$ [1,1,2,3]
Just [("a",1),("b",2)]
*Data.Pattern> b ~$ [1,4,2,3]

If Template Haskell supported pattern splices, you could inject your pattern as a real Haskell Pattern with $(finishPat ...), for example $(finishPat Wild). Right now, one can only do QuasiQuoters, but this makes it very convenient to write them! Note that ViewPatterns are necessary.

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