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QnA is a simple markup language for people with little or no programing experience. It was designed with attorneys in mind and transforms blocks of nested text into interactive QnAs. These QnAs can be used as stand-alone expert systems or in the aid of rule-based document construction (see example). You can find a live implementation of a QnA Markup editor and interpreter at

Syntax & Usage

QnA Syntax is described in detail on the Syntax page of These descriptions are accompanied by a number of live QnA examples, including sample code and output.


A collection of QnA projects can be found on the Gallery page of this wiki, contributions welcome.

Hackathons and Classes

A collection of classes and legal hackathons making use of QnA can be found at Law as

Installation Instructions

It's easy to install a local QnA instance, just:

  1. Download the master branch of this repo to a server running php.
  2. Edit lib/config.php, replacing the example URL and setting other variables as appropriate.
  3. That's it. You're ready to start creating interactive QnAs.