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This space is intended to showcase QnAs in action. Please, add your own examples and links.

Playful Examples

  1. Shall we play a game?
  2. How to title a law journal article/note (based on this flowchart)
  3. Write a letter to Santa.

Studious Examples

  1. Committee for Public Counsel Services Interactive Site Search
  2. Massachusetts Personal Injury Protection Benefits Tool
  3. Suffolk Law School Student Projects, LASM Fall 2016. (12 examples)
  4. Suffolk Law School Student Projects (3 examples)
  5. Filing for Bankruptcy, Mass Legal Help (in right column)

Hackathons et al.

The following is a list of classes and legal hackathons that have made or plan to make use of QnA.

On Deck
  1. Lawyering in an Age of Smart Machines
  2. Decision Making and Choice Management
  1. Laboratory Seminar in Applied Design & Legal Empowerment
  2. Lawyering in an Age of Smart Machines
  3. 2015 ABA/NLADA Equal Justice Works Conference
  4. ABA Techshow & MIT Media Lab Online Legal Appathon
  5. LITSA Hackathon
  6. Coding and Law: Empowering Practice through Software Development
  7. 6.S086: Law is Code
  8. PrototypeJam

Hosting your QnA

If you'd like to share an example, but need a place to host it, you can make a pull request on this project's 'gh-pages' branch and either: (1) add the project's HTML output to "./examples/output/"; or (2) add the project's QnA source (html file) to "./examples/source/". The contents of these directorys are served at "" and "" respectively. If you choose the latter option, you'll need to pass the source through a QnA interpreter before linking to it above. See Loading a Remote QnA.

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