Use JSON to drive a web-based mailmerge of docx files.
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Use JSON to populate a .docx file via a form submit. Here is a live example. This tool is pretty much Dave Zvenyach's as a webservice. You can find the original code in his post Mailmerge for Word Docs... in Python?

How To

Assuming you have this repo's Python app up and running on a server, all one has to do is:

  1. Create a .docx Word document with mailmerge feilds;
  2. Upload your document to a webserver hosted on a whitelisted domain (defined in docxmerge/; and
  3. Pass the document's location (docx_uri), your desired filename (name), and some JSON data (json_doc) to the service.

After that, the service will return a .docx document populated with your JSON data.

Note: if you're a non-profit and would like me to add your website to the whitelist for the example service available at (the app behind the live example linked above), let me know. As long as you aren't expecting wicked crazy volume, I'll probably just add you to the list.

Known Issues

Check out this repo's Issues tab for a list of known issues.