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Basic Gameplay

  1. Two players begin the game
  2. Prepare for Battle
    • There's a 10 x 10 ocean grid for each player's ships
    • Each player secretly places their ships on their grid
      • The ships are: 1 5sq aircraft carrier, 1 4sq battleship, 1 3sq submarine, 1 3sq destroyer and 1 2sq patrol boat
      • The ships can't overlap
      • The ships can't be diagonal
      • This should be drag and drop!
  3. Animated coin toss to see who goes first *
  4. On Each Player's Turn:
    • The active player:
      • Pick a target square on the grid that represents the other player, to aim
      • Click "Fire" button, to fire
      • Or press Enter, to fire *
      • The current player's board that represents the enemy also animates to show the hit or miss
      • If a ship is sunk, the game reads outloud "You sunk my !"
      • If a ship is sunk, the board now shows which ship was sunk
      • If a ship is sunk, the board pops up an excerpt of the wikipedia article on that ship, using the Wikipedia API.
    • The inactive player:
      • Their board configuration will rotate to show their own board
      • Once the active player has played, the inactive player's board animates to show the hit or miss
      • If a ship is sunk, the game reads outloud "The enemy sunk your !"
    • Then, both player's boards rotate to switch which player is active
  5. End of Gameplay
    • Once the 5th ship of a given player is sunk, the other player is declared the winner
    • The game reads outloud

If you get bored:

  • Integrate in-game chat.

Other Requirements:

  • Must be tested using Mocha
  • Must use sass. The amount of sass is left up to the individual, except:
    • Must take advantage of at least one mixin
  • Must use sockets for the two-player gameplay