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A Gatsby starter with Sass and no assumptions!
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Gatsby Sass Starter

Jumpstart your next Gatsby project with the power of Sass!

What This Includes

What This Doesn't Include

  • A bunch of plugins that just complicate a quick bootstrap
  • A bunch of components that you need to clean up
  • Graphql that you don't need yet
  • Stubbed files that you don't need yet
  • Opinionated test and formatting setups (though both of these are encouraged)

Getting Started


Quick Start

Run the following in your favorite terminal:

gatsby new [directory]

Starting from Scratch

yarn global add gatsby-cli
  • Inside the directory of your choice, scaffold a new Gatsby site:
gatsby new [directory]

For example, if I want my installation in ~/Code/new-gatsby-site, I would navigate to ~/Code and run:

gatsby new new-gatsby-site
  • Navigate to your new directory and run:
yarn develop
  • You should now be running a new Gatsby site locally! 🎉
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