ColdBox Elixir Vue 2.0 support plugin
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ColdBox Elixir 6 support for Vue 2.0

This package provides Webpack support for compiling Vue 2.0 .vue files in your ColdBox Elixir 2 projects. Please note that, if using ColdBox Elixir 1, you don't want this package.

Usage is identical to coldbox-elixir-vue, which is the extension to use if you are using VueJS 1.x.

Step 1: Install

npm install coldbox-elixir-vue-2 --save-dev

Step 2: Gulpfile.js

var elixir = require( "coldbox-elixir" );

require( "coldbox-elixir-vue-2" );

elixir( function( mix ) {
	mix.webpack( "app.js" );
} )

Contributions and Bugs

Project tracking for this project can be found at the Ortus Solutions Jira. Please log all bugs, improvements, and features there.

Pull requests are welcome and encouraged. Please check on the Jira page before starting any large amount of work so your time isn't wasted.

Brad Wood (@bdw429s) has a great guide on submitting pull requests. If you are unsure where to go, in need of help, or have a question, come ask in the #box-products channel on the CFML Slack.