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This module will enhance your ColdBox applications with i18n capabilities, resource bundles and localization.

##LICENSE Apache License, Version 2.0.



  • Lucee 4.5+
  • Railo 4+ (Deprecated)
  • ColdFusion 9+


Just drop into your modules folder or use the box-cli to install

box install cbi18n

This module registers the following models in WireBox:

  • i18n@cbi18n : Helper with all kinds of methods for localization
  • resourceService@cbi18n : Service to interact with language resource bundles


You can add a i18n structure of settings to your ColdBox.cfc or to any other module configuration file: ModuleConfig.cfc to configure the module:

i18n = {
    // The base path of the default resource bundle to load
    defaultResourceBundle = "includes/i18n/main",
    // The default locale of the application
    defaultLocale = "en_US",
    // The storage to use for user's locale: session, client, cookie, request
    localeStorage = "cookie",
    // The value to show when a translation is not found
    unknownTranslation = "**NOT FOUND**",
    // Extra resource bundles to load
    resourceBundles = {
        alias = "path"

Each module in your ColdBox Application can have its own resource bundles that can be loaded by this module.

Mixin Helpers

The module registers the following methods for handlers/layouts/views/interceptors:

* Get the user's currently set locale or default locale according to settings
function getFWLocale()

* Set the locale for a specific user
* @locale The locale to set. Must be Java Style Standard: en_US, if empty it will default to the default locale
* @dontLoadRBFlag Flag to load the resource bundle for the specified locale (If not already loaded)
* @return i18n Service
function setFWLocale( string locale="", boolean dontloadRBFlag=false )

* Retrieve a resource from a resource bundle with replacements or auto-loading
* @resource The resource (key) to retrieve from the main loaded bundle.
* @defaultValue A default value to send back if the resource (key) not found
* @locale Pass in which locale to take the resource from. By default it uses the user's current set locale
* @values An array, struct or simple string of value replacements to use on the resource string
* @bundle The bundle alias to use to get the resource from when using multiple resource bundles. By default the bundle name used is 'default'
function getResource(
    required resource,

// Alias to getResource
function $r()
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