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Hyper was built after coding several API SDK's for various platforms — S3SDK, cbstripe, and cbgithub, to name a few. I noticed that I spent a lot of time setting up the plumbing for the requests and a wrapper around cfhttp. Each implementation was mostly the same but slightly different. It was additionally frustrating because I really only needed to tweak a few values, usually just the Authorization header. It would be nice to create an HTTP client pre-configured for each of these SDK's. It seemed the perfect fit for a module.

The problem it solves

Hyper exists to provide a fluent builder experience for HTTP requests and responses. It also provides a powerful way to create clients, i.e. Builder objects with pre-configured defaults like a base URL or certain headers.


Hyper runs on Adobe ColdFusion 2018+ and Lucee 5+.

ColdBox is not required, but mappings are provided for ColdBox users automatically.


You can find all of the documentation for Hyper at