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qb is a fluent query builder for CFML. It is heavily inspired by Eloquent from Laravel.

Using qb, you can:

  • Quickly scaffold simple queries
  • Make complex, out-of-order queries possible
  • Abstract away differences between database engines


  • Adobe ColdFusion 2018+
  • Lucee 5+


Installation is easy through CommandBox and ForgeBox. Simply type box install qb to get started.

Code Samples

Compare these two examples:

// Plain old CFML
q = queryExecute("SELECT * FROM users");

// qb
query = wirebox.getInstance('QueryBuilder@qb');
q = query.from('users').get();

The differences become even more stark when we introduce more complexity:

// Plain old CFML
q = queryExecute(
    "SELECT * FROM posts WHERE published_at IS NOT NULL AND author_id IN ?",
    [ { value = '5,10,27', cfsqltype = 'CF_SQL_NUMERIC', list = true } ]

// qb
query = wirebox.getInstance('QueryBuilder@qb');
q = query.from('posts')
         .whereIn('author_id', [5, 10, 27])

With Quick you can easily handle setting order by statements before the columns you want or join statements after a where clause:

query = wirebox.getInstance('QueryBuilder@qb');
q = query.from('posts')
         .select('post_id', 'author_id', 'title', 'body')
         .whereLike('author', 'Ja%')
         .join('authors', '', '=', 'posts.author_id')

// Becomes

q = queryExecute(
    "SELECT post_id, author_id, title, body FROM posts INNER JOIN authors ON = posts.author_id WHERE author LIKE ? ORDER BY published_at",
    [ { value = 'Ja%', cfsqltype = 'CF_SQL_VARCHAR', list = false, null = false } ]

qb enables you to explore new ways of organizing your code by letting you pass around a query builder object that will compile down to the right SQL without you having to keep track of the order, whitespace, or other SQL gotchas!

Here's a gist with an example of the powerful models you can create with this!

SQLite Datasource Setup

To use the SQLite grammar for qb you will need to setup a datasource that connects to a SQLite database.

Install the SQLite JDBC driver

  1. Download the latest release of the SQLite JDBC Driver i.e.

  2. Drop it in the /lib directory

  3. Configure the application to load the library by adding this line in your Application.cfc file.

    this.javaSettings = { loadPaths : [ ".\lib" ] };
  4. Restart the server

Configure the Datasource

You can configure your datasource for Lucee or Adobe Coldfusion using the steps below. You can also use cfconfig with CommandBox to do it automatically for you.

For both Lucee and ACF you need to set the JDBC Driver class to org.sqlite.JDBC. Then you need to specify the JDBC connection string as jdbc:sqlite:<your database path>. i.e. jdbc:sqlite:C:/data/my_database.db


  1. Navigate to Datasources in the Lucee administrator
  2. Enter datasource name
  3. Select Type: Other - JDBC Driver
  4. Click Create
  5. Enter org.sqlite.JDBC for Class
  6. Enter the Connection String: jdbc:sqlite:<db path>
  7. Click Create


  1. Navigate to Datasources in the ACF administrator
  2. Enter the datasource name under Add New Data Source
  3. Select other for the datasource driver
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter org.sqlite.JDBC for the Driver Class
  6. Use org.sqlite.JDBC for the Driver Name
  7. Etner the JDBC URL: jdbc:sqlite:<db path>
  8. Click Submit

Full Docs

You can browse the full documentation at