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An extension for ColdFusion 10 Administrator that allows adding/viewing/removing of SSL certificates in the Java certificate store from within the Administrator.

This works with ColdFusion 10. For a CF7, 8 & 9 version please check out CF-Certman.

CommandBox Compatible

If you have CommandBox running on your local machine (and you should) you can download this project using the following command:

box install cf10-certman


Extract the contents of this repository into a CFIDE/administrator/certman/ directory.

Edit the CFIDE\administrator\custommenu.xml file to add the following submenu xml key:-

<submenu label="SSL Certificates">
  <menuitem href="certman" target="content">Certificate Management</menuitem>


The CertMan project was originally developed by Paul Connell.

This is a fresh fork taken to separate the specific ColdFusion versions for easier use.