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A ColdFusion wrapper to interact with the Wunderlist API.
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ColdFusion Wunderlist API

This is a ColdFusion Wrapper written to interact with the Wunderlist API.


Developed by Matt Gifford (aka coldfumonkeh)

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The package has been tested against:

  • Lucee 4.5
  • Lucee 5

CommandBox Compatible


This CF wrapper can be installed as standalone or as a ColdBox Module. Either approach requires a simple CommandBox command:

box install wunderlist

Then follow either the standalone or module instructions below.


This wrapper will be installed into a directory called wunderlist and then can be instantiated via new wunderlist.wunderlist() with the following constructor arguments:

     clientId    	=	'',
     clientSecret   =	'',
     accessToken	=	''

ColdBox Module

This package also is a ColdBox module as well. The module can be configured by creating a wunderlist configuration structure in your application configuration file: config/Coldbox.cfc with the following settings:

wunderlist = {
     clientId    	=	'',
     clientSecret   =	'',
     accessToken	=	''

Then you can leverage the CFC via the injection DSL: wunderlist@wunderlist

Useful Links

Please visit the official documentation for details on the methods available:

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