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Hexo renderer plugin for emacs org-mode.

Getting Started Guide

Table of Contents


Switch to your hexo blog directory and run:

npm install --save

Then restart your hexo server.


You can configure this plugin in _config.yml according to the backend you want to use.

For highlight.js user

If highlight.js is enough for you, here’s the minimal config:

  emacs: 'emacs'
  emacsclient: 'emacsclient'

For htmlize user

If you want to use emacs’s htmlize to syntax highlight your code block, you can use this config instead:

  emacs: 'emacs'
  emacsclient: 'emacsclient'
  htmlize: true       # <--- for htmlize user, this MUST set true
  theme: 'leuven'

Full options documentation

Some options may not uesed on above example, here’s the doc:

configdescriptiondefault value
emacsexecutable file of emacsemacs
emacsclientexecutable file of emacsclientemacsclient
commoncommon org content you’ll use#+OPTIONS: toc:nil num:nil\n#+BIND: org-html-postamble nil
cachedirwhere cache file located./hexo-org-cache/
clean_cacheset true to clean cache by ‘hexo clean’false
themeemacs’s theme you want to use
user_configextra emacs config you want to load
htmlizeuse emacs’s htmlize to syntax highlightfalse
line_numberEnable line-number globally on src-blockfalse
debugShow more debug messagefalse
daemonizeEnable/Disable use emacs servertrue

Create Post

Create source/_posts/ with followin content:

#+TITLE: Hello World
#+DATE: <2017-03-05 Sun 08:52>
#+LAYOUT: post
#+CATEGORIES: org-mode
#+TAGS: hexo, org-mode

Welcome to [[][coldnew/hexo-renderer-org]]!

#+HTML: <!-- more -->

You also can add some code block:



org-mode has it’s own way to describe the front-matter.

date#+DATE<2017-04-15 Sat 12:30>, use M-x org-time-stamp to insert
updated#+UPDATED<2017-04-15 Sat 12:30>, use M-x org-time-stamp to insert
tags#+TAGStag1, tag2, tag3

To insert date in org-mode, the default keybinding is C-c ., you can also use C-u C-c . instead.


For more tutorials, please see:

Q & A

Which org-mode version do you use ?

This renderer ONLY support org-mode 9.x syntax, be careful there’s some conflict with org-mode 9.x and 8.x.

If you really want to use org-mode 8.x, here’s the guide.

How to add Read more button ?

Place #+HTML: <!-- more --> in where you would like to add a Read more.

How to install my emacs theme

If the emacs theme you want to use is not installed by default, you can setup the _config.yml

For example, if we want to use moe-theme for your code block, we need to edit _config.yml like this:

  # skip ...
  theme: 'moe-dark'
  user_config: './emacs/init.el'

Then add following code to your ./emacs/init.el.

;; install moe-theme and use it
(package-install 'moe-theme)
(require 'moe-theme)

Can I clean cachedir when use hexo clean ?

If you want to make hexo clean work with hexo-renderer-org, you can setup your _config.yml.

  # skip ...
  clean_cache: true

Note that the emacs-lisp cache in cachedir will be kept after hexo clean, you can manually remove it if you want to re-fetch all emacs-lisp plugin.

How can I add line-number on src-block ?

You can add following to your _config.yml to make line-number display on your src-block globally:

  # Make src-block has line-number (this won't make effect on example-block)
  line_number: true

Or use org-mode’s standard method to add line-number manually:

#+BEGIN_SRC js -n
   console.log("This is line 1")

I don’t want to use emacs daemon

If you still want to use CodeFalling/hexo-renderer-org method, which start emacs process to render post instead of using emacs daemon, you can switch to emacs process by setting _config.xml

  # disable use emacs server by set 'false'
  daemonize: false

Can I drag and drop image to org files ?

Yes, first you need to install org-download to your emacs.

Then add following to .dir-locals.el at the top of your hexo project:

((nil .
      ((eval .

               ;; make drag-and-drop image save in the same name folder as org file
               ;; ex: `' then save image test.png to `aa-bb-cc/test.png'
               (defun my-org-download-method (link)
                 (let ((filename
                         (car (url-path-and-query
                               (url-generic-parse-url link)))))
                       (dirname (file-name-sans-extension buffer-file-name) ))
                   ;; if directory not exist, create it
                   (unless (file-exists-p dirname)
                     (make-directory dirname))
                   ;; return the path to save the download files
                   (expand-file-name filename dirname)))

               ;; only modify `org-download-method' in this project
               (setq-local org-download-method 'my-org-download-method)