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make line-number as ace-jump-line-mode does
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linum-ace is a linum plugin which inspired from ace-jump-mode, but you can use this plugin without install ace-jump-mode.

(for chinese user, you can see

Installation (Traditional Way)

Download linum-ace from Github

git clone

Add linum-ace directory to your load path and then add following code to your dot emacs config.

(require 'linum-ace)

Installation (el-get Users)

If you are el-get user, you can simply create a recips to install linum-ace.

(:name linum-ace
       :type github
       :pkgname coldnew/linum-ace
       :features linum-ace)


linum-ace will not auto show on linum-mode by default. You can use linum-ace-toggle to toggle linum-ace or

default linum-format. If you want to always use linum-ace put following code in your .emacs

(setq linum-format 'linum-ace)


Following are the screenshot

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