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Export your Org document to Google I/O HTML5 slide. See DEMO slide.

Note: Org 8.x or above is required.


If you have melpa and emacs24 installed, simply type:

M-x package-install ox-ioslide

And following code in your .emacs

(require 'ox-ioslide)

For cask user, just add following lines in your Cask file

(source melpa)

(depends-on "ox-ioslide")

If you want to install manually, just do as following:

git clone this repository into whatever/, then in your Emacs init file:

(add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/whatever/")
(require 'ox-ioslide)


Just take a look of example/index.html and example/, which contains detailed examples & demo.

If Tired Of Memorize Magic Code…

ox-ioslide-helper.el is also available to help you interactively inserting verbose properties/options/attributes into your slide file.

This package depends on makey.el, install it if not.

Just (require 'ox-ioslide-helper) then M-x ioslide:helper.

Development Info

Editing CSS

Compass is a CSS preprocessor used to compile SCSS/SASS into CSS. We chose SCSS for the new slide deck for maintainability, easier browser compatibility, and because…it’s the future!

That said, if not comfortable working with SCSS or don’t want to learn something new, not a problem. The generated .css files can already be found in (see /theme/css You can just edit those and bypass SCSS altogether. However, our recommendation is to use Compass. It’s super easy to install and use.

Installing Compass and making changes

First, install compass:

sudo gem update --system
sudo gem install compass

Next, you’ll want to watch for changes to the exiting .scss files in /theme/scss and any new one you add:

$ cd io-2012-slides
$ compass watch

This command automatically recompiles the .scss file when you make a change. Its corresponding .css file is output to /theme/css. Slick.

By default, config.rb in the main project folder outputs minified .css. It’s a best practice after all! However, if you want unminified files, run watch with the style output flag:

compass watch -s expanded

Note: You should not need to edit _base.scss.

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