A bot based on homu and add GitLab support(also drops GitHub support)
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GitLab Homu


homu-gitlab is a bot that based on homu, add support for GitLab via integrates with GitLab Pipelines.

See more detail in homu.


How to install

$ sudo apt-get install python3-venv
$ pyvenv .venv
$ . .venv/bin/activate
$ git clone https://github.com/coldnight/homu-gitlab.git
$ pip install -e homu-gitlab

How to configure

In the following instructions, HOST refers to the hostname (or IP address) where you are running your custom homu instance. PORT is the port the service is listening to and is configured in web.port in cfg.toml. NAME refers to the name of the repository you are configuring homu for.

  1. Copy cfg.sample.toml to cfg.toml. You'll need to edit this file to set up your configuration. The following steps explain where you can find important config values.

  2. Go to the user settings of the GitHub account you created/used in the previous step. Go to "Personal access tokens". Click "Create person access_token" and choose the "api" and "read_user" scopes. Put the token value in your cfg.toml.

  3. Add your new GitLab account as a Collaborator to the GitLub project you are setting up homu for. This can be done in repo (NOT user) "Settings", then "Members".

  4. Add a Webhook to your repository. This is done under project(NOT user) "Settings", then "Integrations". the set:

    • URL: http://HOST:PORT/gitlab
    • Secret Token: The same as repo.NAME.github.secret in cfg.toml
    • Events: Push events, Comments, Merge Request events, Job events
  5. Add a job in your .gitlab-ci.yml

            - auto
            - some test commands
  6. Go through the rest of your cfg.toml and uncomment (and change, if needed) parts of the config you'll need.

How to run

$ . .venv/bin/activate
$ homu